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Travel your way in the North Caucasus

The Caucasus Grand Tour – Summer 2022

Your new opportunity  for the North Caucasus in 2022

New dates: August 18.-28.
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Tours in the North Caucasus Region

Your life-time adventure is just about to start and we’re here to make it unforgettable!

Hiking Tours

Whether you are an experienced mountain hiker or just want to try it out for the first time – you can always find a perfect tour in the North Caucasus. We travel in small groups which makes it more comfortable for everyone.  

Cultural Tours

The North Caucasus is the most culturally diverse region in Russia. With our tours you have a great chance to explore its different parts by immersing into locals’ everyday life, seeing the hidden spots, and learning the history.

Extreme Tours

When you are ready for a real challenge these tours are what you should go for. Together with our professional guides you can conquer Mount Elbrus, try paragliding or jeeping, do the rope-jumping or zip-lining. Your life-time adventure is waiting for you!


We take you out to explore the world

The real life is out there!
There are many books and documentaries about it. Now it’s your time to get new experience and write your own adventure story. Take your chance and join us!

We know the unbeaten paths

We choose the places away from the crowds of tourists to see the original nature and culture. Our close cooperation with locals also helps to keep it sustainable and get a truly unique experience.

We are happiness

Joining our group tour means that you get into our cozy community where it’s a lot about helping each other, sharing your experience, and making friends from all over the world

Our Team

Who is behind all this?

We are not just people displayed on your screen.
We are with whom you will definitely meet when joining our tours.
Like you, we are addicted travellers and adventurous souls.

Kseniia Gavrilova


Mountains have always had a special place in my life. 
I’m convinced that hiking is more than enjoying beautiful nature. There you reflect, live a simple life, and find soulmates. I’ll be happy to show it to you!

Julia Bacharnikova


I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the North Caucasus region since my very childhood and I know a lot of secret corners here. But still there is a lot to discover and I really like doing it with my friends! 

Reviews from our travellers

One of the best adventures I have ever had! I was really impressed by the beauty of the North Caucasus, I didn’t know how stunning my country actually is.


St. Petersburg, Russia

The first thought appeared was: I don’t need anything else. That’s it! Being here in the mountains means everything right now!


Barcelona, Spain

We helped each other navigate beautiful but steep and slippery paths and had good fun around the fire when we made it to another wonderful camping spot. I can’t recommend the Caucasus hiking tour highly enough!


Amsterdam, Netherlands