Pyatigorsk, Russia

About us

Core team

Adventure. Dream. Team currently consists of a core group of four people who are working for you on providing amazing tours in the Caucasus region. Our international team does the best to provide you with great service, information and an unforgettable experience.

Mission and values

Our work at Adventure. Dream. Team. is not only the ordinary tourism company. From our long individual experiences, we developed our mission, vision and values together. Sustainability and the support of the local communities are at the core of those.

Our guides

To provide a safe trip with amazing experiences for you, we work together with our local guides, who have been working in the areas for many years. Of course all our guides are also English-speaking (or accompanied by a translator).

Dream team

One of the core ideas of Adventure. Dream. Team. is that we connect people from all over the world to meet, explore and sometimes also become friends. We have been working on group tours since 2013 and an uncountable number of great team experiences have happened since then.