Pyatigorsk, Russia

Julia Bacharnikova

Experience the North Caucasus with your heart

Co-founder; cultural tours creator; local expert​

Who am I?

People like me can’t sit still for a long time. I always look for something new: places, adventures, people and emotions. But there is one thing I don’t want to change: my job. I have been living in the North Caucasus for my entire life and with all my heart I wish to open it up for travellers from all over the world.  For you (dear traveller), I am a faithful friend here: I help you with your trip planning and with problem-solving during your trip; I help you find your own, special adventure and feel the famous hospitality of locals; I help you to see and feel the REAL Caucasus!

What are my tasks in the Adventure. Dream. Team. crew?

To create unforgettable experiences and to take care of our guests.

What is my story?

I studied foreign languages and cross-cultural communication at university in Pyatigorsk. I really liked these both areas. Besides, I’ve always enjoyed travelling and adventures. So one day I woke up with a firm understanding of whom I want to be and what I want to do. I decided to bring all my interests together and create a travel organization for foreigners in the North Caucasus. From that day on my life has got strong ties with foreign travellers visiting Caucasus mountains. When my first travellers arrived and I guided them, helped them and saw all those positive emotions on their faces – I was also happy and felt valuable. It took time to become for you someone who can be trusted. But it’s not an easy task to do everything on my own. I needed support, needed someone to discuss ideas and argue, I needed someone else to start building one big “travel” family. And then I met Kseniia, Maria and Tobias. Now, we are a great team and there is nothing impossible for us!