Pyatigorsk, Russia

Kseniia Gavrilova

Experience the North Caucasus with your heart

Who am I?

Some may assume I am an adventure seeker, which is true but just partly. I would rather say that I am in a constant search of inspiration, deeper meanings, and connections between things and events. I have lived in many places with absolutely different mentalities and cultures: Pyatigorsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Frankfurt am Main, Munich area. So my personality has been formed like from the LEGO bricks – all different but fitting one to another. I am constantly learning new, making better, and, finally I share things that I admire with the other people. The Caucasus mountains is one of them.

What are my tasks in the Adventure. Dream. Team. crew?

To inspire and to make a good plan!

What is my story?

You only know the value of something when you compare. Especially if those things are given defaulted. In my case it was the North Caucasus, my home region, which back then I thought was the least developed place in the world. However, as soon as I moved out to St.Petersburg this opinion got cracked a bit. Despite the fact that St.P has always been my favourite city, quite fast I started to feel that I was missing my mountains, sun and nature there.

Couple of years after, in the times of my active travelling in Europe, my perspectives changed again. I met people even from the smallest villages or towns who were so much in love with their home places where I saw nothing special at all. And I’m not sorry but rather thankful for that. It made me realise how blind I was and review my perception of my home region. That’s how the initial idea of the hiking tour in the North Caucasus appeared and was brought into life in 2013.

Now, as a person who visited 20+ countries, I can definitely say it is one of the most unique and extremely diverse places I’ve ever been to. Its geography, history, cultural and ethnical composition are just unbelievable. Maybe that was one of the reasons why in 2018 I climbed Elbrus Mount – to express my love and gratitude to the North Caucasus. Now I see my mission in developing it together with Adventure. Dream. Team.!