Pyatigorsk, Russia

Maria Kolesnikova

Experience the North Caucasus with your heart

Who am I?

I stand for the dynamic lifestyle, being always open for a challenge and changes. I can’t stay in one place for longer than 2 months without getting travelling-sick. Life is motion!
I cannot live without people, I would describe myself as a super communicative person, whose highest value is friendship. I love travelling and long meaningful conversations on a way.
A new road is always a new experience and over all the years of my life, every morning I am opening my eyes wondering what the new day is gonna bring to me. I’ve always been slightly fatalistic, I believe that every decision we take is leading us somewhere we are meant to be.

What are my tasks in the Adventure. Dream. Team. crew?

I am PR&Communications master, I am creating beautiful words to describe the breathtaking experiences our team is organising for you!

What is my story?

Pretty some years ago I started my studies at the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University. I was passionate about nature (and primarily rivers) and new cultures, and this combination led me to join an international student association. As a geographer, I was travelling and studying my country’s beauties but that was how I started to travel the world. And that’s how in 2013, over a warm September night in Warsaw I met Kseniia. We were both still just entering our 20s, still trying to find ourselves. Later, for years we were travelling, working, organising amazing events together which made us more than colleagues, friends for a lifetime. Sometimes our paths were going apart, but always met again for another crossroad.
Over the last years I’ve been in many places, from East to West. I’ve seen beauties of Baikal and new-built areas of Sochi, I went across the globe from Japan, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and Singapore to Serbia, Romania, Belgium, and many many other European countries. At the moment I live in Bulgaria, in Sofia and our paths with Kseniia have crossed again. So, I am helping Adventure. Dream. Team. to develop into a great successful company which it is definitely about to become, mostly working on PR, marketing and foreign partnerships matters.
As the part of the never-ending travel through life, now we are making this adventure with all of you. There are no random people in our dream team cause our life paths has crossed and brought us here for a reason. So, let’s walk it together and create our new beautiful world!