Pyatigorsk, Russia

Tobias Michl

Experience the North Caucasus with your heart

Who am I?

I am Tobias, a passionate geographer living in Augsburg (Germany) and working in Munich. I am a consultant in the field of sustainable mobility. Here I work with municipalities and companies to develop concepts how to increase the sustainability of their mobility systems. This sustainable way of thinking is also one of my motivations for Adventure. Dream. Team.

What are my tasks in the Adventure. Dream. Team. crew?

I am creating and maintaining this website and implementing the requests which come from my fellow core team members. In addition to that, I use my “German” way of thinking to support the team in some structural things of setting up Adventure. Dream. Team.

What is my story?

Growing up in Augsburg in Bavaria always means growing up not far from the Alps. Only about 100 km south and you are in the beautiful Allgäu region, which I regularly visited with my family since early childhood, both for skiing and of course hiking. However, living in central Europe has the advantage of not so far distances to many other beautiful places in Europe, which I have always loved to visit. 

For many years I have been an active member of the European Geography Association (EGEA), which allowed me to travel to many extraordinary places in Europe. But being a European geographer not only means travelling, exploring, getting to know nature and culture – it also means to meet the best travel and hiking companions ever. This is how I met Kseniia and Maria. This common background and history of friendship is what makes Hiking.Dream.Team also so special for me.

Besides that, I have travelled a few parts of the world but unfortunately not as many places as I would like to see and explore. Some of my dream destinations are definitely in the Caucasus and neighbouring countries as well as central Asia.