Pyatigorsk, Russia

Mission and values

Experience the North Caucasus with your heart


Affect, Develop, Travel!

Affecting the Development of the preserved areas and local communities through promotion of rural destinations and sustainable Travelling.

We care about sustainability. Even if you are far from science and terms, you most probably believe in a better future of our planet and people on it. We do. Moreover, we think that tourism is the most powerful tool to reach it globally. People’s connections made through travel are stronger than anything, cultural exchange is just as vital as technical progress, and your inputs to a small local community may have a surprising effect. The way you travel to your destination, the places where you actually travel to, or buy your souvenirs DO matter a lot. We, as a tourism organisation and you, as a traveler have an important mission and a great impact on the economy, society, and nature. We understand it and so the following points aren’t a piece of advice but the way we live.


Don’t settle for less than an extraordinary trip!

What are all experiences for if you cannot share them? Sharing is caring, and during our adventures you get a lot to share: share food over the lunch break on a route, share dinners at the campfire, share tents together, share memories you are creating together.
But also, sharing your developed, new-born personality, attitudes, values you earn over your travel with the outside world. It is important to let people know about the masterpieces you get to see and adventures you experience!

Make friends
The atmosphere of trust and togetherness is one of the key priorities to keep on our trips. We believe that nothing is more enjoyable than sitting together at the bonfire after a tough but wonderful day, singing songs, having deep talks, and getting to know people from absolutely different countries but who are sharing the same values with you. We don’t have “groups of people” but create the teams of great alike minds and, eventually, friends. Even when the trip is over you’re still a part of the community. Travel together, meet each other in your home cities, support with advice, share ideas, get inspired!

Quoting Albert Einstein “A day without learning is a day wasted”. We can’t agree more! That’s why we bring you out of your comfort zone and create an unforgettable experience. Have you ever wanted to become a scout? Wondered what the campfire food tastes like? How to set up a tent? Wanted to learn a folklore dance? Not only try traditional cuisines but learn how to cook them? – You are not just a tourist on this trip, you are a part of our Dream Team or a new member of a local family, so don’t sit and wait for things to happen – learn it from us and with us!

Explore the unknown
We think that the world is too interesting and unexplored to visit the places with the crowds of tourists. It is much cooler to be the first of your friends discovering THAT fantastic place! Whether it’s an ancient church, or a ghost town, a hidden mountain path, or an enormous waterfall. We are those who take you to such destinations, unknown for majority of average minds, but taking your breath away when you get to see them!

Change perspectives
The adventure you’re taking with us is absolutely life-changing. It can happen that what you’ll feel or see simply won’t fit into your today’s mind or system of knowledge. Yet, this is the norm for that “parallel world” which you’ve never heard of and believed in. In that world you can be an incredibly strong person able to make it to 4000m altitude; or you find out that the history you learned at school is not the absolute truth. It sounds scary but you won’t return home the same person and the reality you knew will slightly change too.


  • We are a community of friends, a family of wanderers.
  • We travel sustainably.
  • Masterpieces of nature and cultures are to be explored together. What is this beauty for if you have no one to share these moments with?
  • We believe that through experiencing the adventures we bring each other inspiration, happiness and development for our personalities