Pyatigorsk, Russia


Travel your way in the North Caucasus

Russian e-visa: who and how can get it

From January 1. 2021 there’s an option to get a Russian e-visa! It allows travellers to set for a trip much faster and with no paper work at all. In this article you will find out how the new system works, what things you should keep in mind and see whether it fits in your…
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Ossetian food and table traditions. A recipe included!

Hello dear readers!My name is Alina. I was born in the North Ossetia republic and despite the fact that currently I live in another place I still maintain my culture. In the previous article I told you mainly about people and family traditions and here it’s all about the Ossetian food and etiquet at the…
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North Ossetia: culture & people

Hey, everyone! My name is Alina. I was born in the North Ossetia Republic, in a small town called Beslan and grew up in Vladikavkaz till I was 20 y.o. I really love my hometown for loads of things, especially people and our culture. People there are amazing: kind, hospitable and funny.  I travel a lot…
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Border Permit in the North Caucasus mountains

The border permit in the North Caucasus region is one of the most confusing topics especially for international guests. You don’t worry about it when join an organized tour but as an independent traveller you take care of a lot of things by yourself. Hence, there’s a whole bunch of questions about the system and…
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The North Caucasus after COVID: sustainable travelling, ideas and trends

All people around the world are getting as hungry for travelling as ever before. Of course, most of us have had a chance to explore our native countries and regions. Any tiny piece of a forest or a beach or (if lucky enough) mountains were the attraction points this summer. However, there are a lot…
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North Caucasian Holidays: A Window Into the Region’s Soul

If you’re planning a trip to the North Caucasus you’re probably interested to know what else you can do here apart from your main activity or tour. While classic sightseeing gives you a first impression, joining some celebrations and events allows you to dive into the local culture really deep and learn the mentality of…
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The Caucasus We Know

Hello, guys!  Adventure.Dream.Team. is here to show you the way we look at the Caucasus. We want you to try and see it through our eyes just for a moment and really understand why we are so passionate about this spectacular region, and what you should know before traveling here. We assure you this is…
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