Pyatigorsk, Russia

Extreme vacations

Extreme vacations


In this trip you will be amazed by the beauty of the North Caucasus. First of all, it suits a group of friends who wants to explore the Caucasus Mountains, try out some extreme activities and have fun at the same time. You won’t feel bored even for a minute! Nature and history exploration goes along with different extreme activities: off-road ride, paragliding, rope jumping, zipline, horse riding, quad (ATV) ride. You will spend a great time in Republics of North Ossetia-Alania and Kabardino-Balkaria.

Is this trip for me?

This trip can be changed according to your interests and physical abilities. It is created for extreme-lovers, but can also be adapted for people who want just to explore the beautiful area and to relax in a unique places surrounded by high mountains.


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Dates:         May – October

Price p.P.:  on request


What does your tour coordinator say?

Every day you will try out something new – new destinations and new activities.  You will spend all the time with extreme-lovers as you yourself. This will become a great adventure for you! If you want to find out more about possible activities, please, feel free to send me a message. I will try to create the best itinerary for you in this area!


Full itinerary


Departure from Nalchik. On our way to Baksan gorge, we visit on of the most beautiful lakes  in Russia. We check in at our hotel in Terskol.
After that we ride up mt.Elbrus in gondola lift (cable car), maximum hight – 3800 m.
Overnight in Terskol.


We go for an off-road trip to the neighbouring Chegem gorge through breathtaking path high in the mountains in off-road cars with local drivers. We visit secret path that only people from local villages use. 
We make a campfire, cook shashlik and tell stories.
Оvernight in ancient village El-Tubu in a house of locals.


After breakfast, we go to a special camp to paraglide or do rope jump from a rock or try out zip line.
Departure to North Ossetia. On our way there, we will see famous Chegem waterfalls. We will be met by ossetian drivers on their off-road cars. With them we go to Ossetian part of Caucasus, have rest and tasty dinner.


Today, be ready for extreme off-road adventure or for a horse ride for a couple of hours.
We visit Pearl waterfall, an amazing view point (2200 m), ancient village-ghost Galiat and other old osetian villages. On this day,we go by off-road cars up to a path (height- 2560 m) with a view of two gorges at the same time.
The best overnight option – Upper Fiagdon village.


We move further in the Fiagdon area to the old Gusara village. From there, you can start a quad (ATV) trip.
We have tasty picnic in the open air. After all this, we have an extreme off-road tour to Dargavs ghost village, Midagrabinsky waterfalls (border permit zone) and Karmadon.

In the evening we arrive in Vladikavkaz – centre of North Ossetian Republic. Overnight in Vladikavkaz.


Departure to the airport of Vladikavkaz or you can continue to explore the North Caucasus are

Accomodation options

Nalchik: hotel or hostel

Terskol: hotel, guest house, hostel.
You can also stay in Azau or Cheget area (accomodation there is more expensive but closer to gondola lifts).

El-Tubu: homestay or guest house.

Upper Fiagdon: hotel or cozy guest house.

Vladikavkaz: hotel, guest house or hostel.


  • You will spend most of the time high in the mountains where it is usually windy and somtimes foggy. So, don’t forget warm clothes. You will also need it on Elbrus. Besides, you will need comfortable shoes for walking, sunglasses, a sunscreen, a hat.
  • You will visit pre-border area, for entering it you need a border permit. You don’t have to pay for it, but it takes up to 30 working days to receive it. We will need your passport scans to apply for the permit.
  • We can organize you pre-paid three-times meals for every day. We can also just reccomend you cafes and restaurants on the itinerary. Meals in El-Tubu are possible in a house of locals (you should ask for it beforehand)  or at the paragliding camp.

Do you still have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and also have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.