Pyatigorsk, Russia

Frequently Asked Questions

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Surely, you can. All our hiking tours have different levels of difficulty so that everyone could find his/her perfect one. You should, however, be in a good physical shape and be ready for 6-7-hours long hikes, heavy backpack on your shoulders, and different weather conditions during multiple days. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to join our Cultural Tours where day-hikes are included!

The high-altitude sickness doesn’t start from nothing. Only when you get too high in too short period of time. In other words, when there’s no proper acclimatisation. Since we know it we plan our hikes accordingly so your body will be getting used to the altitudes gradually!

As soon as you apply to one of our tours we provide you all the necessary information and guidelines for a smooth process of getting a visa. For all the European citizens it takes 2-3 weeks to get it ready.

Our hikes do not require any specific climbing gear. However, you’ll need to obtain some basics such as proper hiking shoes, backpack, and sleeping bag. Some other items you can rent on spot (let us know in advance)

As soon as you join our tour you’ll become a part of our endlessly nice community and get to know people from your team straight away. Don’t hesitate to share any doubts or questions with them. Preparing for an adventure together is so much more fun! You can travel together too 😉

You can sign up for one or several tours of your choice via the website/social media channels. After you receive an approval from us you have 7 working days to confirm your participation by transferring the pre-payment. Without it your application gets onto the waiting list, so other people will have the priority to join the tour. To put it in a nutshell: “First come first served”. NOTE! Signing up for a tour DOES NOT GUARATEE you a place. You have to receive an approval first!

It is highly recommended to obtain the insurance in your home country prior to the trip. If you join one of our hiking or extreme hiking tours, make sure your insurance covers this type of activity (higher altitudes adventure sports). In any case, in accordance with the Russian law, all the emergency medical services are provided to anyone (with/without insurance, any nationality) for free.

To say the truth our ration is very simple on multiple-day hikes. It includes rise, buckweat, instant noodles, and various cans (meat, fish, beans). As a snack we take dry frouts and nuts, bars, hard cheese and salami. Expect to have a lot of tea with cookies and candies. Oh yes, for breakfast we often eat porridge. If you have some specific food preferences – that’s not a problem. Just let us know in advance! The provided food is usually enough for the entire trip, so no need to buy (and carry) extra.

Difficult but possible 😉

When travelling in the mountain regions the connection is unstable and even in the villages it might not work at all. Therefore, make sure to do all the important things while in the city or ask your friend/family member to do the check-in for your flight instead of you 😉 If you wanna buy a local sim-card we can recommend MegaFon as they have the largest network, so it usually works way better “in the middle of nowhere”.

Most of the population in the North Caucasus are muslims, about 85%. So, in caucasian republics you will be mostly served Halal food. But if you keep Halal diet, it’s better to ask the waiter/shop assistant and make sure that they do serve Halal food. 

If you’re a vegetarian you should clarify what exactly you don’t eat because this concept isn’t very popular here.

Coming to the North Caucasus region you’ll see that there’s nothing to worry about. Just keeping in mind some basic safety rules and respect to the local cultures will prevent your from unpleasant experience. 

The North Caucasus is a federal district which consists of several regions and republics. Although they all belong to Russia there’re still borders between them and sometimes the police can stop random buses or cars asking the passanges to go through the security check. It’s a normal procedure as for the domestic as for the international travellers. Just keep your passport and migration card with you.  

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!