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The North Caucasus after COVID: sustainable travelling, ideas and trends

Travel your way in the North Caucasus

The North Caucasus after COVID: sustainable travelling, ideas and trends

All people around the world are getting as hungry for travelling as ever before. Of course, most of us have had a chance to explore our native countries and regions. Any tiny piece of a forest or a beach or (if lucky enough) mountains were the attraction points this summer. However, there are a lot of dreamers and slightly spoiled adventure-seekers who look forward to going abroad as soon as possible. Is that about you?

Great! Because in this article I put together some interesting trends and information to consider when planning a trip in 2021

Before we start with the topic I’d like to thank Roel Zerner for an inspiration to talk about sustainable travel and for featuring Adventure.Dream.Team. in his blog note:

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Probably, I should have also mentioned some of my professors thanks to whom I earned my master’s degree and now feel confident talking about sustainable tourism. But let’s skip this part 😉 and better explain first what sustainable travel actually means, why it’s so vital and why the North Caucasus deserves to be on your bucket list! 

To put it in a nutshell, it means a responsible way of travelling and a good balance between economic, social and ecological aspects of a trip.

Hard to imagine? Here’s a short checklist for you!

I’m sure many of you already knew this before and tried to travel as much ‘greener’ as possible. I’d just like to pinpoint that in the post-pandemic era such steps are the basics.  Don’t hesitate to share them with your friends and family to spread the knowledge.

Travel style trends in 2021

In addition to that there are some travel styles that are supposed to become new trends in 2021. Let’s have a look at some of them and maybe get some fresh ideas for the next holiday! Have you ever thought of…?

a slow travel

When you don’t have to rush and worry about not seeing some sites. Instead, you take your time enjoying every single moment of your trip. Have a longer breakfast with a fantastic view and a cap of fresh coffee in hands. Walk through a tiny village high in the mountains. You have time to notice things and people, scents, sounds and colours. Finding a suitable destination for that is crucial. We can recommend visiting Dagestan Republic.

an immersive and meaningful travel

Creation of a unique experience is up to you: don’t be afraid to talk to locals, cook or make crafts with them, dance, or just spend time watching their daily routine. Learn and teach. Connect. Make it more than just an average holiday trip. There are dozens of families across the North Caucasus who’d love having you as a guest.

outdoor adventures

In the past couple of years hiking, kayaking, skiing have been constantly gaining more fans. So no wonder that in 2021 being closer to nature will simply become a priority for most travellers! Have you already tried multiple-day hikes? Are you more into sports or an esthetic part of it? Both are great! Just make sure to join a small like-minded team for such an adventure. It will make your best travel experience!

family reunion or ancestry travel

Why not take a trip to get to know your own roots, meet far relatives, or find out the history of your family? While living the lives of global citizens, a lot of people find it really important to learn more about their native cultures or ethnical belonging. It can be exciting and extremely emotional. Sad or happy. Yet, very personal. The world is so unpredictable, so just give it a try!

photo-tours or Insta-travel

Some may claim that this is a rather superficial purpose or way of travelling. Nevertheless, getting outstanding pictures from a trip has become a new norm. No matter whether you instantly share them online or choose the only best one to put on your wall. It makes sense then to create a trip differently too. Find special locations, get there at a certain hour to catch the best lights and colours, or patiently wait to get ‘that exact cloud/ray/bird’ in your shot. Pretty much of an art, isn’t it? In that sense the North Caucasus is just an ideal destination to go.

What we’ve all learned this year is that travelling shouldn’t be taken as granted. We need to put more thoughts into each trip and be aware of all consequences as to the world around as to our own health. 

Be creative and stay informed!

Adventure.Dream.Team. is here to guide you through the all-year-round activities in the North Caucasus. We show how a visit to that diverse region promises a trip of a lifetime!

We hope this blog gives you some inspiration and handy tips to go and chase your own adventures in the North Caucasus. Travel is the best kind of education so go get lost, even if it’s just outside your own doorstep!

Yours,  Adventure.Dream.Team.

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