Pyatigorsk, Russia

Extreme tours

Join our extreme tours in 2020

  • Dates 1: 03.07. - 10.07.2020
  • Dates 2: 14.08. - 21.08.2020
  • Price: 76'000 RUB [approx. 1100 EUR]
  • Highlights: hiking in the North Elbrus region, reaching 5642 m.

If you’re ready for something truly extraordinary in your life – climbing Elbrus mountain is a must-do thing!

Get to the highest peak of Europe together with professional guides and fantastic team-mates. Get out of your comfort zone and sleep at 3750 m, overcome your fears and feel extremely proud making the final steps at the top.

There are no limits! Just go for it! 

  • Dates: 2.09. - 6.09.2020
  • Price: 43'000 RUB [approx. 630 EUR]
  • Highlights: Baksan and Chegem gorges, El-Tubu village, Ghizhgit lake, Chegem and Abay-Su waterfalls

This trip is a great opportunity to explore Kabardino-Balkarian part of the Caucasus in the most adventurous way.

You will live in a small village deep in the mountains. You will see waterfalls and ancient monuments. And all this will go along with different extreme activities: off-road ride, paragliding, rope jumping, zipline and others.

This will be a great adventure for you!

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