Pyatigorsk, Russia

Touch the heart of Armenia

Travel your way in the North Caucasus


Together with our local partner FindArmenia we’re happy to invite you to one of the world’s oldest countries – Armenia! You’ll be amaized how much it has to show and share, and believe, there’s not only one heart! The first one is definitely its beautiful capital – Yerevan. The second one is its highest mountain Aragats. Also, perhaps, its largest marketplace that pulses on the weekend. Or the local people whose hospitality and joy goes so naturally from their hearts. Or the music they play and the food they cook. Come with us to find out more!

Nature & Culture: on this tour we will explore Armenia to the fullest!

Is this trip for me?

This tour is perfect as for those who have never tried hiking with backpacks as for experienced hikers. There will be enough difficulties on the way and getting to 4090 m is also pretty challenging but in the rest it’ll be quite relaxing: travelling by bus, making bonfires, swimming in lake Sevan, visiting ancient churches, and more!


Age: 18 to 30-something
Visa: visa-free 
Equipment: download as PDF

Physical rating
Service level

Group size: 7-15 people

Dates:   expected in 2021

Places left:

Price p.P.:   590 EUR

What does your tour coordinator say?

I love to discover such countries like Armenia and will always recommend anyone to visit it! There are no (perhaps, yet) crowds of tourists but yet a lot of outstanding places to visit, types of wine to try, and of course amazing food! Whatever your usual travel-style is, here everything changes… you just relax and let it all go. Armenia is in the air!


Full itinerary

DAY 1 - Yerevan

We’re meeting at our hostel in Yerevan in the afternoon, getting to know each other and our excursion guide, and heading to the city center to discover its history, architecture, and more. After having a lunch at a local restaurant there will be an option to visit a famous “Ararat” cognac factory (additional 10-20€ for a 1-hour excursion with tasting). In the evening you have free time.

  • Meals included: lunch
  • Overnight: hostel
DAY 2 - Ancient monasteries

Today we’re taking a bus to go outside of Yerevan to the places where some pieces of ancient history still remain:

  • Etchmiadzin;
  • Geghard monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site);
  • Temple of Garni

After returning to Yerevan in the evening you have free time. You can still hang out together with our team or just by yourself – it’s up to you. 

  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch
  • Overnight: hostel

Say “yaay” – our hiking experience finally begins! Today we’re warming up the muscles and in the meantime enjoying the views of wonderful sky-blue lake Sevan that opens up more and more the higher you get!

  • Bus ride: 120 km, 3 hours.
  • Hike: 4 km. Starting point (1920 m) – Artanish Mt (2460 m) – camp #1 (1920 m)
  • Height increase: +540 m. 
  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Overnight: camping (tent)

Today we’re moving on from the shore of the largest lake to the root of the country’s highest mountain Aragats. Get ready for this hike – some parts are quite tricky and the distance it long enough to get tired. Although you’ll forget it all as soon as you see our camp site, it’s just outstanding!

  • Bus ride: 125 km, 3 hours.
  • Hike: 7.5 km. Kari Lake (3207m) – Southern Peak of Aragats Mt. (3879m) – camp #2 (3550m)
  • Height increase: +682m m. 
  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Overnight: camping (tent)

As soon as we wake up and have some breakfast we’ll start to another peak of Aragats. It’s the highest one but no worries, with daily backpacks it’s way easier! We return in the afternoon, have our lunch, pack the stuff, and go to the next camp.

  • Hike: 5 km. camp #2 (3550m) – Northern Peak of Aragats Mt. (4090m) – camp #3 (2800m)
  • Height increase: +540 m. 
  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Overnight: camping (tent)

The way back to the village might seem to be not as exciting as to the top of a mountain, yet a perfect time for long conversations with your team-mates! Don’t forget to say ‘Bye’ to Aragats!   

  • Hike: 9 km. Camp #3 (2800m) – Aragats village (2000 m)
  • Bus ride: 120 km, 3 hours.
  • Height increase: -800 m. 
  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Overnight: camping (tent)

The area we are hiking today is complitely different to everything you’ve seen before. It doesn’t even look like Armenia after all. But the hike itself is going to be quite relaxed and with a fantastic final point where you can take your best pictures of all kinds 🙂 After that we go back to Yerevan.

  • Hike: 15 km, camp #4 – Old Castle – camp #4
  • Bus ride: 120 km, 3 hours.
  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch
  • Overnight: hostel

The motto of the day “Sleep as long as you wish and do what you want”. We can suggest you a few places to visit such as marketplace or a local museum but maybe you have your own ‘to-do list’ 😉 Just don’t forget to come to our last dinner together and taste Armenia before you leave.

  • Farewell dinner at restaurant
  • Overnight: not included (on request)

Tour impressions


  • Keep in mind that in Yerevan it can be really hot during a day. So take sunscreen, a cap, and a bottle of water with you.
  • Armenia uses its own currency (AMD, or Armenian Dram) which is easy to exchange from EUR, USD or RUB at exchange points around the city. Some of them work 24h.
  • The hostel room you will live in is for 4 people. If you’d like more privacy there’re also 2- or 3-beds rooms available for additional payment.

Do you still have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and also have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.