Pyatigorsk, Russia

Individual programmes

Experience the North Caucasus with your heart

We can help you create a trip based on your personal preferences. Have a look at the samples below:

First of all, this trip perfectly suits skilled hikers. So, grab your friends and backpacks and go straight there! Bezengi has breathtaking views and a great potential as an alpine camp. Road there is not easy and smooth but is really worth it. There are many hiking paths from easy level to really difficult ones.

In this trip you will be amazed by the beauty of Republics of North Ossetia-Alania and Kabardino-Balkaria. First of all, it suits a group of friends who wants to explore the Caucasus Mountains, try out some extreme activities and have fun at the same time. You won’t feel bored even for a minute! Nature and history exploration goes along with different extreme activities.

This trip is built for a group of friends or a couple who want to explore history and culture of Republic of Dagestan in all its depth. You can cook with locals, have dinner with their families and talk to them in a quiet friendly atmosphere about life and customs in the Caucasus. You will have enough time to relax, discover and enjoy beautiful nature.

If you’re ready for something truly extraordinary in your life – climbing Elbrus mountain is a must-do thing!

Get to the highest peak of Europe together with professional guides and fantastic team-mates. Get out of your comfort zone and sleep at 3750 m, overcome your fears and feel extremely proud making the final steps at the top.

There are no limits! Just go for it! 

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