Pyatigorsk, Russia

Bezengi hiking week

Experience the North Caucasus with your heart


This tour combines hiking and cultural activities in one. So it’s a perfect solution when holidays are limited in time but you want to see the most impressive places in the North Caucasus. 

Here we would like to show you two cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters region: Pyatigorsk and Kislovodsk and bring you to one of the most stunning hiking spots Bezengi camp. It is popular mostly among Russian but aslo foreign alpinists and hikers for its huge variety of trails from easy level to really difficult ones.

Whether you’re more about comfort on a hike or want to try the ‘wild style’ there’re both options available. It is also possible to shorten the tour duration to 5 or 6 days, or instead make it up to 10.

Is this trip for me?

The hiking options in Bezengi are great for experienced hikers but can also be adapted for people who want just to make some short walks in a beautiful area and to relax in a quiet place surrounded by high mountains.

Dates:         June – August

Price p.P.:   on request


What does your tour coordinator say?

Bezengi is situated in the very heart of the Caucasus mountains. All 5000m-high mountains of North Caucasus (except Elbrus and Kazbek), are in Bezengi gorge. This makes the area really breathtaking. The place can give you not only unforgettable trekking experience but also really amazing points for photography in wild nature.

To find out more of the area potential, please, feel free to contact me.




Arrival to Mineralnye Vody airport, transfer to Pyatigorsk. 


Option #1: Pyatigorsk city tour with/without hike to Mashuk Mount (988 m). Cable car is also available

Option #2: Hike up the mountain Beshtau (1400 m). There are great views from the top. On the way back we can visit a monastery. 


We drive you to Bezengi mountaineering camp in Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the morning.

Hike option #1 to Bezengi glacier: the biggest glacier in Russia

  • Trail: 9-10 km (3-4 hours); height increase: 2500m – 3200m – 2500m

Hike option #2 to Mizhirgi glacier and Severny massive: beautiful view at 15-km long mountain chain, so-called Bezengi wall

  • Trail:  10 km (8-9 hours); height increase: 2500m – 3250m – 2500m
DAY 5 - Title day 5

Hike option #3  – Dumala valley: very picturesque views, rich fauna, waterfalls

  • Transfer to the beginning of the trail
  • Trail: 9km (7 hours); height increase: 2500m – 1590m – 2000m-2500m
DAY 6 - Title day 6

You leave the camp for a place with very picturesque views, called Cheget in Baksan Valley. In winter it functions as a ski-resort so the cable cars route is available.There you will see the pride of the whole Caucasus region – Mount Elbrus. Late in the evening you arrive in Pyatigorsk. 

  • Car ride: 320 km
  • Height increase: 1700m – 2700m – 1700m
DAY 7 - Title day 7

Excursion to the famous mineral waters resort – Kislovodsk. The special type of ‘healthy’  water here is called Narzan and it is freely available in the drinking gallery. We return back to Pyatigorsk in the evening.

Transport between cities: a train, a public bus or a taxi


Departure. Transfer: Pyatigorsk – airport of Mineralnye Vody

Accomodation optoins

In Pyatigorsk: hotel, guest house, hostel.

In Bezengi: cottage for 2 people, hut in an ethinc style, a room in an ethnic style tower (rooms for 2 and 4 people), 
a room in a main building of a camp, tents.


  • Any changes in the program can be made.
  • Bezengi is close to the border area. You need a border permit to reach the camp. You don’t have to pay for it additionally, but it takes 30-60 days to receive it. We will need your passport scans to apply for the permit.
  • The list of the necessary equipment depends on the final itinerary.
  • There is a canteen in the camp territory that can offer you complex breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Do you still have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and also have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.