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Dagestan Highlights

Experience the North Caucasus with your heart


This trip is built for a group of friends or a couple who want to explore history and culture of Republic of Dagestan in all its depth. You can cook with locals, have dinner with their families and talk to them in a quiet friendly atmosphere about life and customs in Caucasus. You will have enough time to relax, discover and enjoy beautiful nature.

Is this trip for me?

This trip is the best choice for history-and-culture lovers. You will stay at cosy houses of hospitable locals and and try out local home-made food. This trip can be changed according to your interests and physical abilities.


Age: 18+
Visa: download as PDF

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Dates:         April – November

Price p.P.:   on request


What does your tour coordinator say?

 This trip is perfect for reflecting, learning history and enjoying old traditions of locals that they have been preserving for many generations. You will visit small villages hidden from the human eye and amazing historical places. We can also look for local traditional celebrations on the dates of your arrival – almost every nation of Dagestan has its own interesting holidays during the year. To find out more about this trip, prices and possible changes, please, contact me anytime. 


Full itinerary

DAY 1 - Sulaksky canyon

We leave Makhachkala in the morning. Trip to the world-famous Sulaksky canyon (80km from Makhachkala) – the second deepest in the world. Lunch – traditional grilled trout at a restaurant on Sulak river. After that we go to Untsukul village with picturesque reservoir and amazing sunsets. This time,  we have shashlik (Caucasian variant of grilled meat) for dinner. Overnight in Untsukul.

DAY 2 - Gamsutl, Chokh and Gunib

After tasty breakfast, we depart from Untsukul  to Gamsutl in the early morning. There we have a 2 hours slow walk to a neighbouring ancient village Gamsutl. It is situated on the top of a big hill, the path up there is very picturesque. Our lunch is a tasty picnic up the hill. Then we go to Chokh (15 minutes by car). Chokh is a beautiful small village, there you visit an old house-museum and meet its owner.

We arrive in Gunib in the evening and have dinner at a house of locals. The best option for overnight is Gunib village.

DAY 3 - Title day 3

We have a lazy morning and a relaxed walk around Gunib village. Now it’s time for Derbent – a beautiful sunny city with a long history (it’s 1600 years old) situated at the seaside. After hotel check-in, we go to the local beach and enjoy Caspian sea. The evening is the best time for sightseeing – the temperature is not as high as in the afternoon. The old part of Derbent is very special in the evening – lights, walking locals, crowded ethnic cafes and cheerful atmosphere all around.
After that, degustation of local food and famous drinks waits for us.
Overnight in Derbent.

DAY 4 - Title day 4

On this day, we go to one of the oldest Dagestan villages Kubachi and a neighbouring ghost-village. Many years ago it was an important place – the very first area where Islam religion came to North Caucasus, after that many Caucasian peoples became muslims. There are many old religious sights there and a mosque XI century; people even call it Caucasian Atlantida. 
We will have lunch in a house of locals and return to Makhachkala in the evening.

Accomodation options

Makhachkala: hotel or hostel.

Untsukul: guest house.

Gunib: guest house or homestay. You can also choose a small ethnic style house-museum (4 beds in a room) in Chokh

Derbent: hotel in the centre of the city or at the seaside


  • You will need comfortable shoes for hike up to Ghamsutl village.
  • The weather in this period of time is changeable. It’s mainly warm (+18 to +25°C) but sometimes rainy. So, don’t forget your jackets.
  • You will probably need sunglasses and light sunscreen as we will visit some places that are situated high in the mountains.
  • We can organize you pre-paid three-times meals for every day. We can also just reccomend you cafes and restaurants on the itinerary.

Do you still have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and also have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.